Making of - 5. The Body - Airbrush

[1. Head - Foam]    [2. Head - Fur]    [3. Head - Airbrush]    [4. Body - Fur]    [5. Body - Airbrush]   

  Same as the head - I airbrushed the spots also on the white fur to give it a more natural look (and the white and grey fur seems to have a smooth transition now).

The zip is in the middle of the black dorsal stripe.

  After the paint was dry (took about 15-30 minutes), I brushed it carefully. This is what the fur looks like then (right side).

The tail with the belt, the cloves and shoes are seperate pieces.
  The airbrush paint was about 5 EUR per glass. I don't know where you can buy it, because Tabalon gave me this one. He said this color is quite hard to find (Aerocolor airbrush acryl color, by Schmincke).

You can't wash the airbrushed suit! So you'll have to be careful that it doesn't get dirty. For the inside, use Febreze and disinfectant-spray.