Making of - 4. The Body - Fur and Pattern

[1. Head - Foam]    [2. Head - Fur]    [3. Head - Airbrush]    [4. Body - Fur]    [5. Body - Airbrush]   

  Now, the body. For the pattern I cut an old costume/clothing into pieces (unseaming). I placed the pieces on the fur and cut out the pattern which should be at least 5cm larger than the pattern! (cause you need a part of the edges for sewing, so the pattern will get "smaller")  
  The skeleton of the tail are pieces of a camping mat I cut into stripes. It curls, so when you glue several parts together, you will get this tail form. It's quite bouncy which I like very much. The tail is attached to my hips by a kidney belt which makes it a part of my body (when I move).  
  When you cut the pattern, watch out in which direction you cut because fur has a running direction. On the photos here (without the spots) you can see the pattern of white and grey fur.

The paws are seperate cloves and shoes. On this photo, the legs are still too short.
  The black stripe on my back is a good place to hide the black zip. I can put on the suit alone, but it's not easy. Much better if you have somebody who helps you.

Again, this suit has become quite close to my body. I don't like those big big mascot suits too much. That's why I don't have a general pattern - I just tried the body on again and again, corrected parts until it fits in the end.
  It was a little tricky to cut the fur into the right pieces of grey and white fur (especially on the arms and legs). I made some scribbles before I started to see, which part will have which color, and sewed the pieces together then.

I don't think I could have done it without a sewing machine.
  Those are the paws (cloves). They have pink footpads glued on it (hot glue). The footpads are made of foam and painted with latex milk (added red color so that the milk got pink) in several layers. The latex milk is very robust, but stinks terrible (ammoniak), so you should do that outside.
  For the feet (paws) I cut out the forms of foam (toes etc.), again with the electric knife, and glued them directly onto some shoes (without bootlaces). Then I glued the fur on it. The black claws are made of FIMO again.
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