Making of - 1. The Foam Head

[1. Head - Foam]    [2. Head - Fur]    [3. Head - Airbrush]    [4. Body - Fur]    [5. Body - Airbrush]   

  I cut the blocks of foam into many single slices (about 2cm thick) and formed the basic form of the head with it (see right picture). Then I added more and more layers of foam to close it (fixed with hot glue - be careful! It might take long until the hot glue gets hard/cool, because the foam isolates the glue very good), and started modelling the head with the electric knife (works great).  
  The jaw is a single piece of foam with a wire skeleton, it's no fixed part of the head. It is attached as you can see on the right picture. A spring on each side keeps the mouth shut.
The perforated flat wire (in German it's called "Lochdraht") is very good to attach the jaw joint wire. Sure there are better possibilities, but it works fine.
  The inside of the head:

The white perforated thing is plastic mesh, at which you can also easily attach (and remove) the springs. It also makes the head more stable and seperates the fan from my face. The fan is located in the muzzle.
  It took quite long until the shape looked good.

If you make such a head, you have to exaggerate the proportions (eyebrows, ears, cheeks), because if you later attach the fur, a lot of that form will disappear anyways. So if you make the forms and curves too decent, your head will loose all those forms in the end.
  I cut out the ears and glued them onto the head. They're just made of foam.

The back side of the head is open as you will see on the next page,
the "2. Head - Fur" section. This makes it easier to put on the head.
  Here you can see the jaw attached to the head (by the wire construction you saw on the pictures above). Without the springs you can open the mouth 180, which is also good for repairing something (e.g. the fan).

The yellow-brownish thing in the mouth is a "hole grid circuit board" (computer) to make the jaw more stable and to attach the tongue and teeth later.
  Later I glued the transparent plastic hemispheres into the eye holes and attached the painted Stramin (iris and pupil) from the inside. It's always good if there are some small holes for air circulation, that will prevent fogging when it's getting hot.

If you use a fan, be sure that it blows the hot air out of the mouth, not into your face.
  A little creepy - the naked foam head. This time the muzzle became much shorter and more "cat like" than the muzzle of my first head (lioness).

Pad the inside of the head with foam until it fits for the size of your head. I always wear "stretch hoods" (from motorbike shop) so it's easier to slip into the head (foam can be raspy) and you can wash out the sweat of it easily.
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