Can you make a fursuit for me?

No, I am sorry - I do not offer fursuit commissions.
I am not professional enough to create a suit when the person is not here, and my limited time does not allow me taking commissions like that. So please don't ask me how much I would take for one, because I don't.
How do I get a fursuit?

A lot people make their fursuits themselves. If you prefer to buy one, there are several professional fursuit builders you can commission. You can find some links in the Link section.
Do you sell your fursuits?

No, as I am usually making personal characters, I will not sell them. If anybody pretends he got a fursuit from me, it's a lie.
How much does a selfmade fursuit cost?

It mainly depends on what fur you choose. Here you can find a list of the stuff I bought and how much money I spent. I do not recommend buying very cheap fur - you will regret it afterwards when it looks cheap or some parts become hairless after brushing. I usually spent between 300 and 500 EUR for a suit. Good long-haired fur costs between 30 and 60 EUR / meter (or more).
How long does it take to make one?

It took me between 4 and 12 weeks to finish a fursuit, depending on how much time I was able to spend working on it. If you're quick and skilled, you can have finished it within a month. Usually it's hard to find all material you need at the same time, so it sometimes just takes a while until you can continue.
Where do you get foam?

In Germany I got it at the Home Depot, or in creative stores (like Deko-Zentrum Schmitt, Cologne). You should also get it on ebay. I am sorry I don't know any other local stores (outside Germany) where you might get it. I am sure you will find a shop when you google for it.
What material to use for the head - foam, wire, mesh?

It depends on what it easier to make for you. Check out making of websites to get an impression what might be better for you. Wire heads are more for technicially skilled people, foam heads more for artistic people. Foam heads are usually lighter, but also hotter inside. Wire heads are more stable. I like the plastic mesh method and covering it with foam.
Do I need a fan?

You do not necessariliy need one, but it makes fursuiting much more comfortable. You will be able to stay in suit longer if you have a good ventilation. If you're using plastic eyes, a fan can also prevent them from fogging when it's hot. I usually take a regular 12V fan with some battery packs attached to the head or body (kidney belt).
Where to install the fan?

Best place is in the muzzle/nose. Some people also have additional fans in the ears. I prefer the fan blowing the heat (and humidity) out of your mouth (not blowing air inside). You can either blow out the air through the mouth or the nose.
I want animatronics!

Be aware that animatronics like moving ears, showing teeth, wagging tails etc. are not that simple to make, and if this is your first suit, you maybe first should do a simple one. Tioh did a very nice website about animatronics in fursuits (only German so far, sorry). However, making a moving jaw (to open your mouth) is quite simple.
I want a movable jaw

You can install it in both foam or wire heads. You need a joint (wire) to open the mouth, and a rubber band or spring to close it again. Here are some scribbles how I did it: [click]
How to make a "bouncy" tail?

If you want a tail which does not just hangs down, you need a "skeleton" for it. This can either be foam, parts of a camping mat, or something else. Best thing is to attach the tail construction to a belt (e.g. a kidney belt). First it has a nice swing when you move your body, second it will not rip off that easily if somebody pulls your tail. Remember it might become difficult to sit down with such a tail!
What about the paws?

Think about making 2 pairs of paws (shoes) - one for indoor, one for outdoor. Pawpads and furred soles are beautiful, but if you walk outside with them, they will become dirty and soon be distroyed. Some people built extra shoes (sandals) for their fursuits to protect their paws. Use waterproof shoes for outside, e.g. with a real shoes inside.
What kind of eyes shall I make?

There are different ways to make fursuit eyes. If you are just using plastic mesh or stramin (you can paint it), you have the advantage that they will not fog when it's getting hot.

If you are using plastic hemispheres or sunglasses, it looks more realistic, but it can fog (use anti-fog and install a good ventilation). For Daiquiri I used parts of a white plastic kitchen bowl, cut a hole in it, painted the eye color on it (acrylics), and put some sunglasses behind the holes.

Some fursuits also have those "follow me" eyes, that make it seem like it's watching you all the time.
How do you keep it clean?

If the body is not airbrushed, doesn't have very sensitive fur or fillings/paddings (e.g. tail), you can wash it by hand. You can also use desinfection spray or Febreze. For keeping the head clean I always use a balaclava when I wear it. You can also clean it using an desinfection spray. Always check that your fursuit has the chance to dry after suiting (do not put it into a box directly after fursuiting)!
I still have a question...

Feel free to ask me (fursuit@tanidareal.com). :)

Please just have a look at my making of websites first before asking general questions (like where you can buy a fursuit, if I do fursuit commissions, etc.). That's what I made the pages for. ;)

General tips:
If you're trying to get good fur - either try in special stores or in winter. Many stores do not have faux fur in summer.
Make a test suit out of cheap cloth first! Nothing is more annoying than cutting your expensive fur and then realizing - it does not fit
Use your creativity! You can abuse almost anything for a fursuit ;) (e.g. Indian necklaces for claws)
Be careful with hot glue! Putting on a foam head where the hot glue is still hot is NO fun.
Learn how to perform/pose!
Nothing is more boring or creepy than a fursuiter who just stands there like a zombie. Learn how to move, how to interact with people!
Can't say it often enough - never go out in your suit alone!
Always have somebody with you who can guide you and help you in case of an emergency
Avoid drunken people! (carnival can be dangerous)
Don't forget to make breaks and drink water to avoid dehydration! Either put your head off or use a straw. Dehydration will quickly knock you out. But keep in mind that drinking a lot will also make you go to the toilet more often, which might be a problem in fursuit.
Do not pick up children if you're fursuiting. Fursuiters usually can't see perfectly, and what would be worse than dropping a child...? If children are afraid of you and cry - go away, do not try to cheer them up (it will probably make it just worse).