People often ask what you need for a fursuit / or how much it costs, so here is a list of the things I used for making Daiquiri.

Material   Price   Where I got it


Wild dog colored fur
  (leftover, ~ 160x180cm)
  40 EUR   Stoffmueller (Cologne)
2m of black fur   40 EUR / m   Stoffmueller (Cologne)
2m of white fur   30 EUR / m   Deko-Zentrum Schmitt (Cologne)

Clothes / Pattern / Test suit:

3m cheap cloth (test suit)   5 EUR / m   Stofferia (Cologne) or IKEA
Large paper (for pattern)   10 EUR   Local office store
Kidney belt (for tail)   15 EUR   Motorbike store
Balaclava   5 EUR   Motorbike store or ebay
Shoes (for paws)   10 EUR   Local shoe store
Shoe sole + glue   15 EUR   Local shoe store

Head / Paws / Tail:

Foam board
  (for head and paws)
  20 EUR   Deko-Zentrum Schmitt (Cologne)
Strong plastic mesh
  (German: Laubgitter)
  20 EUR   Home Depot (Germany)
Regular plastic mesh   5 EUR   Creative Stores in USA
Rubber gum balls
  (for paw pads)
  8 EUR   Deko-Zentrum Schmitt (Cologne)
FIMO (for claws, teeth)   5 EUR / pck.   Local creative/office store
Latex milk (nose)   5-10 EUR   Online RP/Fantasy store
Camping mat (tail)   5 EUR   Shopping center
Zipper, Velcro   10 EUR   Deko-Zentrum Schmitt (Cologne)
White plastic bowl
  (for eye balls)
  15 EUR   Shopping center (real)
Gloss paint colors
  (water insoluble, for eyes)
  2 EUR / pck.   Model making store /
Toy store
12V fan, cables   10 EUR   Electronic Store (Saturn)
Battery packs (2x)
  or regular batteries
  10 EUR   Electronic Store (Conrad)

Sewing and working:

Sewing machine (Pfaff)   300 EUR   ebay
Sewing material
  (yarn, pins, etc.)
  10 EUR   Stoffmueller (Cologne)
Hot glue pistol + sticks   25 EUR   Home Depot
Good scissors + cutter   15 EUR   Stoffmueller (Cologne)
Electric bread knife
  (for cutting foam / head)
  15 EUR   Shopping Center (real)
Electric razor
  (for trimming fur)
  20 EUR   Electronic Store (Saturn)

This easily makes a total of about 400 EUR for only the material for a full body fursuit (without the sewing machine, knifes, etc.). And about a total of 500 EUR for all the stuff together if you have to buy everything new (except the sewing machine).

Some of the material I still had at home, but I wanted to list the prices anyways for those who still need them. A lot of stuff I got from local stores (in Germany), I am sorry I probably won't be able to tell you where to get certain things in local stores all over the world.