Credits and thank you to Nightfox, who helped me with the technical stuff.

  I used a different method for making the head this time (thank you to Tioh for the idea! :) ).

I made the basic form by using strong mesh from the home depot (German: "Laubgitter"), which is usually used to keep out leafs from the gutter. It's half round and about 2m long and 30cm wide (beware of sharp edges when cutting!).

  I attached the single parts with cable ties (you can also use wire).

This basic model is not too heavy but pretty stable, and it comes in useful for attaching stuff, like ears, fan, etc.
The more, it's easier to make the head look symmetrical as you can just count the holes (perforations).

  Then I started covering the "skeleton" with foam parts, or better stripes (using hot glue again). I did not close the head completely for a better air circulation.

  The inside I coated with a thin, foam-like material, which is usually used underneath table cloth (it makes the table surface a little softer and stops moving the table cloth on the table, but it's also perfect for the inside of the head).

Again, everything's attached with hot glue.

  I added some foam eye brows for a nicer face form. The more, I tried to make the jaw really a part of the head (one piece, connected by foam), so that the jaw does not look that "attached" later like the chin of Frankenstein's Monster.

Then I already drew the lines of the pattern on the head (with a board marker / Edding).

  OMG ears! As wild dogs have quite big round ears, I added the basic form with a strong wire, which I attached to the black mesh by using a thin flexible wire.

This way I could easily bend and form the ear wire until I found the final position that I liked.

Be careful that the sharp wire endings never point towards your head or face! Danger of injury.

  Now cutting out mesh and attaching it to the wire, again by using the thin flexible wire. I had to be careful that the (white) flexible mesh didn't break.

btw. the chin/jaw (on the photo) is not completed yet (it's just a little piece of foam). I still added more foam and the jaw wire (see next picture).

  I used a wire and formed the jaw, see the picture. The endings I just attached to the holes in the black mesh (no glue, just hooking them in, hidden under the thin foam inlay).

I added a little mesh piece between the wire to make it more stable (and as basis for the teeth), then I added the chin foam to it (hot glue).

  Next steps, m'kay?

We installed the 12V PC fan in the muzzle (easily attached with cable ties to the black mesh). The fan will blow the air out of the mouth.

Before furring, I covered the lips with black felt, to make sure no foam will shine through later.

  Now furring the head:

I used some thin (cheap) cloth for the pattern, because it's thin and flexible. I cut out the patterns (according to the patterns on the foam head), and when it was right - I transfered it to the final fur. Cut out the fur, attaching with hot glue.

  Fluffy ears! OK, now it still looks a little like Idefix the dog, with all the untrimmed, fuzzy face fur. ;)

The pink inside of the ears are simply felt (same as for the black lips). Inside, I still added a stripe of long, white fur, to make it look more natural.

  Adding the spotty wild dog colored fur was a little tricky to get the right parts together (dark to dark, light to light).

This time, I decided to attach the battery packs to the body (kidney belt) again, not to the head, because I wanted the head to be a little lighter than Savoy's.

  Oh... and by the way...
If you're still living at your parent's home and want to make a fursuit - here's the reason why you should maybe ask them first if it's OK, because it's always a damn MESS and you will still find pieces of fur in your underwear for weeks. =)

  The furring is completed so far. Now comes the trimming of the fur (using an electric shaver) to give it a nicer shape and not look like a Schnauzer (unless you want to make one).

When the fur is finished, I add the teeth and eyes.

  After trimming the face fur, the head looks like this. For trimming I used a simple electic razor (for long hair).

Now I attached the nose, teeth, and adjusted the first test version of the eyes (see section Details for more infos about these parts).

  There are two springs in each side of the mouth that will make your jaw close. I have a belt of velcro underneath my chin to make the head fit tighter. I can open the velcro for putting the head on.

To avoid that your real face shines trough when you open the mouth - glue in a little piece of felt/foam rubber and/or wear a black balaclava.

  Adjusting the eyes, etc. usually takes quite a while until it looks good. Try to make the eyes as symmetric as possible, don't work sloppily here! The eyes will be the most important part if your suit looks nice or weird.

Daiquiri's eyes are very bright, almost white, but she's a vampire, remember? ;)

Time taken for the head:
About 7-10 days of constant work by 1 person