Material I used/bought for this suit:

(Better buy a little more fur than you really need! Otherwise you'll be very angry when you need some more fur for reparing something on your suit and you can't buy that fur any more)
  • 2-3 meters of long grey fur (25 EUR / m2);
    not the best fur but the only grey long one I found, at a local shop for cloth and textils

  • 1-2 meters of long, thick white fur (was a gift a friend gave me once)

  • 1-2 meters of long black fur (from Karstadt, shopping center)

  • Latex milk for the footpads and tongue

  • 2 big pieces of foam, format about 50x70cm, height 10cm (from home depot)

  • FIMO modelling mass (for teeth, claws), from toy store

  • Small fan, cables (the recharging battery I still had from my old suit)

  • Wire (diameter about 1,5-2mm), about 1,5 meters length

  • A plastic decoration ball (two halves) for the eyes

  • Mesh (perforated plastic material)

  • Stramin (perforated white material)

  • Airbrush pistol (16 EUR, from toy store), compressed air in can

  • Black airbrush color (Schmincke Aerocolor, fine pigment acryl color for airbrush), 5 EUR

  • A pair of shoes

  • 2 small springs (for the movable jaw)

  • An electric kitchen knife for cutting the foam (veeeeery useful!!)

  • Hot glue (tons of)

  • Needles, threads, sewing machine

  • 2 zips (one for body, one for head)

  • Velcro®, for closing the head

  • Stretch hoods (motorbike shop)

More useful stuff for your fursuit / caring for it:

  • Febreze (when the fur starts smelling bad)

  • Disinfectant-spray (for the inside of your suit)

  • Stretch hoods and long clothes underneath your suit
    (so that the sweat won't directly be in contact with the suit)

  • Anti-Fog for the plastic eyes

  • A big strong box if you want to travel with the suit (plane)