About the Character "TaniDaReal"

TaniDaReal, called Tani, is a young adult grey snow leopardess. She is a very fluffy cat and likes to be cute. Her mate is another spotty cat: Cheetah (who is a cheetah of course).

Tani especially has a fable for bushy tails, Met (honey vine), medieval times and glowing things.

Her most popular marking is a black dorsal stripe that starts on her nose, over her head, back to her tail. The fur on that stripe is longer and more fluffy than the already thick main fur, so she has a small fluffy "mane" on her head and her neck.

Two bright turqueoise eyes glance at you, while you can hardly see where her black nose starts, only seperated from the black fur on her nose by a small, light grey stripe.

The main fur is a cold middle grey with the typical black snow leopard spots on it. Her belly, legs and chest are light grey to white, also the white face "mask" that circles her eyes and goes over to the cheeks. The tips and sides of her ears are black, too.

Her long (unusual black) bushy tail has a white underside and a black ring next to the white tail tip.

Different to her nose, the footpads on her front paws are not dark but light rose, while the footpads on her back legs are spotted rose and dark grey.

Of course Tani hates what all cats hate - being pulled on her tail or touched/cuddled by people she does not know/like. She loves snow, also when she - although she is a snow leopard - gets cold very easy.

Her former ego "VitaniDaReal", the grey lioness, was born in 1999. Due to some big changes in her life, she finally changed into the form she has always been in her heart - a snow leopard, with the name "TaniDaReal". That was in 2003.

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