Name: Daiquiri
Species: Transilvanian Wild Dog
Latin Name: Lycaon pictus transilvanus
Gender: Female

Daiquiri is a young adult female Wild Dog, but no African Wild Dog, but a Transilvanian one. She doesn't talk about it very often, but she is fine with her friends knowing her secret. People who are familiar with vampirism might recognize her other side as well.

The long toothed Wild Dog loves the night, her black fur comes in useful for hiding. Daiquiri has some good friends she cares a lot about, like Savoy and Bentley. She isn't a bloody monster and would (usually) never hurt innocent people. She is quite a mysterious character.

Her parents, who remain unknown, named her after the cocktail "Daiquiri", because of her white, sugar-like ear tips. Some people say they'd better named her "Bloody Mary", but she likes her name as it is.

Her main form is feral, but she also appears as anthropomorphic animal.