Once I said - it takes me 2 years to gather all the motivation for making a new fursuit. I made my last fursuit in 2006, so here is - as promised - my new fursuit for 2008, and again a making of:

Daiquiri, the Transilvanian Wild Dog
(Character is © TaniDaReal, 2008)

Thank you so much to Nightfox, who helped me that much, especially with sewing and adjusting the body! Without you it would have taken ages. :) And again, thank you to Tioh and Furvan for creating the basic body pattern with us last time. :) You remain the Masters!

Some website contents you may already know from my other fursuit making of websites, like the Making Of Savoy or Making Of Tani. But also this time I varied some things and tried some new methods, so I think it's still worth showing it.

I hope this site will be interesting and a little help for those of you who want to make a fursuit themselves. :)

Have fun,